Welcome to GX Groups

With our recognized leadership in highend service and technology innovation, we deliver commercial advantage to clients.

Our company is one of the China leading beauty industry and trading service provider. We work with change-oriented customers to help them deliver the sustainable success they desire to achieve.

We learn from the best

Always let the customers enjoy the best

One Family... One dream

We always believe that we can. 

How it all started

GX Group was a dream and ideas of it's founder Mr. Ayman Saad.

He sat the standards and put in years of passion and hard work till it became a globally recognized and respect business group.

Our Core Values

Employee Management

All the emplyees are trained well, they have the working path and they believe their performance is important to customers.

Over 20+ Years of Experience

Started from Meizhou city, GX Groups builds a great business empire, has over 20 years of experience. Now it is ready to go abroad.

Let Customer Win

All what GX Groups is achieving, is helping all our customers win in their life and their business.

Integrity & Commitment

GX Groups memebers are full of positive spirit, energy, hope. Any feedback from customer could encourage us to improve our service quality

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