We provide the most luxury service in GX SPAs, customers can enjoy global treatment. When you come to GX Spas, you are in your own palace Different designing of treatment rooms, you can keep finding new things here We care about the user experience, all the bath material is the best from different area of China GX SPA LUXURY


GX Group was founded in 2002.
1. GX beauty chain (4 beauty chains).
2. Beauty school
3. Shiyu Hospital
4. Shenzhen Shiyu Trading Co., Ltd.
5. Shenzhen Changxiang Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
6. Shenzhen Jiacheng Space Design Co., Ltd.

The founders Ayman saad and Li Bi’e, a couple of outstanding entrepreneurs who are dedicated to building the leading brand of Meizhou beauty companies, have always adhered to the principle of “quality is higher than price, reputation is higher than promise”, and this team has won the trust of Meizhou consumers , And establish a good company image. GX Beauty Chain creates a first-class environment, has first-class equipment and provides first-class services. Since 2002, the company has been operating steadily, down-to-earth, and continuously improving the quality of the clubhouse to pursue a high-quality, high-grade service system.

The GX Group Companies, provide luxury meetings, assist hotel and airport services. With the most luxurious car BMW740 Li limited edition 2020 models. Mercedes-Benz GLE350 2020, BMW X3, Lexus, Porsche. Making you comfortable is our mission. GX Group is your guarantee of happiness and quality. The certified highest quality certificate (SGS Quality System Control & ISO9001), welcome you to GX group.

Experienced technicians in different spas providing the service with the same standard The LPG equipment, costs millions yuan, you can enjoy the best LPG in China Come to find the peace and relax, get rid of all the pressure, you can be yourself here You are the queen in your life, and we are helping you to discover the beauty inside you GX SPA LUXURY


Eyebrows teaser

Eyebrows teaser: The Eyes don’t get old, repair eye wrinkles, tighten and renew, delicate eye skin, get rid of panda eyes, dredge muscles, diminish dark circles, and improve eye fatigue,

Eyelids lifting, eliminating eye bags, now exciting!

Gang Xiong Robot

Gang Xiong Robot: It integrates the five functions of light, electricity, magnetism, heat, and red line.

Accelerate the body’s metabolism, blood circulation, speed up the toxins’ metabolism, remove toxins from the body, detoxify the lymphatic system, and promote the passage of Qi and blood.

The body maintains acid-base balance and accelerates the absorption of nutrients.

Gang Xiong high-end anti-aging

Gang Xiong high-end anti-aging: the most high-end facial care brand, 100% original Spanish brand,

The main focus is to enhance, firm, and fully anti-aging!

For wrinkles, slack, dull complexion!

Contains marine energy DNA, high concentration of eight peptides and sea snail extract and more than 30 active ingredients, especially using fixed-point massage techniques.

Moisturizing Oxygenation

Moisturizing oxygenation:

Increases the oxygen content of the skin, while making the skin more fresh and bright, improves the skin’s sub-health, and make the surface shinier

Deep cleans the skin, while giving the skin the most thorough cleansing,

It makes the skin more transparent, after the removal of all the dirt on the surface, and restoration of the skin is pure nature

Gang Xiong Endocrine

Gang Xiong Endocrine:

Maintain the balance of the body’s endocrine environment, while maintaining the balance of immune system function,

Regulating cell proliferation, differentiation, and maintain the orderly growth and development of tissues and cells.

Strengthen the body’s self-repair, so that all cells of the body bloom like a new flower.

Gang Xiong Chest

Gang Xiong Chest

Dredge, disperse knots, anti-aging, repair firmness, aim at postpartum atrophy, relaxation, expansion, and inelasticity.

Maintain anti-cancer and killing tumor cells, increase red and white blood cells, and improve benign breast problems with lumps in the chest.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure

Improve irregular menstruation, numbness of hands and feet, palpitations and dreams, thick legs, varicose veins, numbness, swelling problems.

Master Miaoxia

There is a kind of latest technology 3D frequency conversion technology: Automatically sweep frequency to the thickness of fat. It acts on the body with a point- to-surface energy. The effect is profound, comfortable, and highly targeted!

Radio Frequency Highlights: When high-frequency electromagnetic waves enter the deep layers of the skin, the internally generated heat from the inside to the outside. Directly create a temperature of 40℃-60℃ at 5-12mm under the surface, to achieve: A dissolves fat B soft and firmness C dispels stasis and cold, improves cold, damp physique D promotes collagen regeneration and tightens the skin.

For flatness, sagging, sagging, hypertrophy, buttocks (cold, wet, poison), etc.
·The buttocks are firm, smooth, plump, upturned, skin tone is even, and the shape is obvious
·The vagina is getting more refined!
·Continuous circulation of meridians, lymphatics, qi, and blood, and accelerated metabolism
·Delay ovarian atrophy, increase hormone levels, increase youthfulness, and delay menopause!
·Improve waist coldness, accelerate the waist circulation metabolism, delay waist aging, mother
·The formation of hip and lumbar shoulder disc problems!
·Prevent the formation of leg problems!
·Prevent the formation of abdominal problems!

Marine Moisturizing

Marine Moisturizing: It can increase the skin’s radiance, promote skin metabolism, and enhance the skin’s self-defense ability. Moisturizing is to directly replenish moisture to the cells, which not only moisturizes the surface of the skin but also deepens the tight integration between the skin and dehydrated cells, making our skin more tender.

Gang Xiong Medicinal Bath: As in medical books, temperature determines health. When a person’s body temperature drops by 1 degree, a person’s immunity drops by 30%. When a person’s body temperature rises by 1 degree, a person’s resistance increases by 5-6 times. Bathing is to warm your body, improve your yang, improve immunity, promote blood circulation, and accelerate metabolism.

Because the medicated bath is an expert in the conditioning of cold and dampness, it removes the six evils, the poison of the five internal organs. It purifies the internal environment of the body!

(Because physique is the root of all problems, the root cause of changes in the frame is that the only channel for the six evils to remove the six evils is the skin, and the best way is to sweat. Chinese medicine says: the body is as clear as water, and its appearance is as jade!)


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