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Shiyu Cosmetology Hospital was founded in 2011 by GX group CEO and founder Mr.Ayman Saad. In the beginning, it took the know-how of the well known french hospitals DERMVPURE. Soon after that, Shiyu Cosmotolgy hospitals created its brand name in the Chinese market, and nowadays, it became a leading name in cosmetology in mainland China. It is composed of two floors with a total area of 420 square meters. The first floor is mainly the front hall, and the front entrance is primarily responsible for reception. Our steps on the first floor are all made of marble. From material selection to cutting to forming, Mr.Ayman Saad and Mrs. Li Bie personally picked it up carefully, among many other details where they put quality and luxury in their minds and didn’t think about the cost. Our second-floor area houses 12 photoelectric departments, operating room, treatment rooms, pharmacy, VIP observation room, and nurse station. It is our core area. The nurse station on the second floor is mainly responsible for guests. The arrangement of conventional treatments and surgeries and the customer files are the duty areas of our hospital nurses. We have two consulting rooms. Each room is mainly bright and straightforward, where many beautiful cases came out. We have professional aesthetic designers and advanced skin testing equipment imported from the United States. Here you can get top-notch aesthetic design and medical technology. We have a VIP observation room where our clients will take rest and postoperative treatment after plastic surgeries. There are five treatment rooms; here, we will receive customers who need skin treatment, such as water and light, and laser photoelectric treatments. The pharmacy department is mainly responsible for distributing medications for the treatment of customers and the notification of precautions. Our pharmacy department’s medicines are under strict quality control measures to ensure each customer’s postoperative recovery. The intestinal treatment room inside is our intestinal guard instrument, which mainly adjusts and treats many of our customers’ intestinal health problems. The operation area uses a thousand-level laminar flow purification system as a whole, although it is plastic surgery, it posses to meet the standard of large-scale medicine. At the same time, it adopts a dual-channel design for separating doctors and patients to create a safe and sterile space. There are two high-end technology operating rooms that are fully equipped and utilize the standard configuration of a tertiary hospital to escort each surgical customer. Shiyu’s interior design is relatively compact, and the decoration style uses modern minimalism, which originated from Western modernism in the early 20th century. In architectural decoration, simplicity. The characteristic of the simple technique is to simplify the design elements, colors, lighting, and raw materials to a minimum. Still, the requirements for the texture of colors and materials are very high. Therefore, simple space design is usually very subtle, and can often achieve the effect of using less to win more, and simplicity over the complex.

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Three-dimensional beautiful eyes
Combining the characteristics of individual eyes, according to the aesthetic standards of the eyes, preoperatively consider the direction, curvature, thickness of the eye, and grasp the symmetry of the left and right eyes, and design the most suitable ratio and position of different eye shapes on the face to make the eyes Harmony with facial features. During the operation, three new minimally invasive surgical techniques, including multi-dimensional double eyelids, invisible open corners, and ultra-micro eye shape correction, are combined to make fine adjustments to the eyes to create their eye shapes the requirements of the dynamic and static beauty of the eyelids. After the operation, not only the double eyelid effect is natural, but the corner of the eye is greatly enlarged, the tail of the eye is lifted, and the eyelashes are three-dimensional and slightly curled, which is a right eyelash without scarring. Project Benefits · Personalized eye design, perfect symmetry According to personal eye shape, facial features and overall temperament, tailor-made design plan · Ultra minimally invasive, naturally no trace Comprehensive multi-dimensional point double eyelid, invisible eye-opening, ultra-micro eye shape correction three new minimally invasive surgical techniques, slight skin incision, less surgical bleeding, and less damage · Standard operation, exquisite and lifelike, just like natural Enhance the overall charm of the eyes, trim the overall shape of the eyes, make the eyes beautiful and natural
Multi-dimensional ecological comprehensive nose beauty

Project security
1) The use of autologous cartilage, non-repellent, will not cause major functional loss;
2) Low absorption rate, will not penetrate the skin;
3) The autologous cartilage is perfectly combined with human tissues, with excellent compatibility.
Project technology
1) Cartilage transplantation;
2) Cartilage suture;
3) Osteotomy and shaping surgery. (Comprehensive application of the three techniques to reshape the perfect ecological nose)
Project Benefits
· 3D personalized design
International standard for nose beauty: nose-frontal angle 120~130°, nasolabial angle 90°, nose tip angle 85~90°, nose width: nose length=0.7. Multi-dimensional ecological comprehensive nose beauty is to reshape the golden triangle of the nose to achieve the effect of ecological nature, harmony and beauty, adhering to the concept of overall design, meeting the most beautiful self, and designing an exclusive temperament beautiful nose.
· Natural high-quality rhinoplasty materials
The use of autologous cartilage tissue is perfectly fused with human tissue, safe and non-rejective. At the same time, the cartilage has a certain degree of hardness, taking into account its own softness, and plays a good role in supporting and shaping.
· 0.1mn finely crafted
360-degree crafting, from design to operation, pay attention to the overall harmony, the meticulousness is 0.1mm to make it safe, stable, natural and true.
· Carved technology, lasting effect
Through the trinity technology, from the inside, the inverted triangle bracket is built; to the outside, the top of the left and right cartilage of the nose and the turning point of the upper nose area, the nasal columella, and the lobular corner are finely carved to build the exquisite and vivid nose tip. The combination of internal construction and external adjustment creates a perfect nose life curve, the effect is remarkable and lasting, and it is not afraid of kneading.

D code luxury breast

Project features: According to the differences in age, chest shape, figure, temperament of each beauty seeker and your needs, develop exclusive personal luxury prostheses, focusing on the authenticity of the shape and the authentic touch; the patented material of super soft shape is in harmony with the human body Melting together, even the closest lover can’t detect it. The operation is performed entirely under the monitoring of the endoscopic imaging system to ensure minimal invasiveness, accuracy, and make beauty lasting and safe.
Project Benefits
· Customized personalized comprehensive breast beauty program
· Exquisite and beautiful, soft to the touch
· Minimally invasive techniques, surgical methods to avoid damage to breast and subcutaneous tissue
· Invisible surgery, concealed incision, one-time forming, quick recovery

Facial golden horn reconstruction

Project features: precise design based on “three courts and five eyes”, golden points on the face and golden triangles, comprehensive creation of cheekbones, mandibular angles and chin, finely carved facial proportions, arcs, heights and focal points, the design belongs to your MINI The golden horn is pretty chin!
Project Benefits
· Precise and personalized design
According to the different facial features and contour ratios of the beautifiers, you can finely adjust and customize your personalized facial beauty.
· 360° overall creation of harmony and nature
By adjusting the ratio of mandibular angle, cheekbones and chin, it promotes the harmony of the whole face.
· 120° perfect arc, carefully crafted
Minimally invasive technology reconstructs the mandibular angle and performs fine operations to form a soft facial curve.

SVF-highly purified seed fat technique

Project Benefits
· High survival rate, high-speed forming
The survival rate of traditional fat transplantation is about 30%, while the survival rate of SVF can reach 70%-80%, which is 30% higher than that of simple fat. The high-density fat glue not only concentrates the stem cells, but also removes the oil droplets that are most likely to cause inflammation in the adipose tissue, resulting in a higher survival rate.
· Skin is smoother and safer
The high-concentration fat particles condensed by SVF are more refined and can be accurately filled, which largely avoids the risk of secondary surgical modification caused by asymmetric fat survival, and almost completely avoids local unevenness caused by uneven survival risk.
· Better regeneration effect
Traditional fat transplantation has a large volume and low stem cell concentration. The high concentration of fat condensed by SVF can easily achieve refined intradermal filling, which can increase the synthesis of skin collagen, make the skin more rosy, increase gloss, and have a better regeneration effect.
· Longer duration and shorter recovery period
The proportion of adipose stem cells is 6 times or even higher than that of ordinary fat (depending on the personal fat quality), so it can maintain a longer overall facial rejuvenation effect and significantly improve the fine lines of the skin. The gel-like properties also make the stem cells more stable in the local colonization, their secretion of various growth factors is longer, the degree of postoperative swelling is reduced by 70% compared with simple fat filling, and the recovery period is shortened to one week.

Light carving when pulling up against age

Project features: According to ergonomic principles, the absorbable PDO protein thread is embedded in the facial SMAS fascia layer by a minimally invasive method to stimulate collagen regeneration, and special barb-type surgical sutures are used to lift loose facial skin , Especially for the more obvious aging and relaxation, it can physically fix the facial tissue that is constantly moving downwards, and effectively achieve the effect of freezing the age of the skin.
Project Benefits
· Safety: It has been certified by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) with the highest safety level. The operation is performed with 0.12mm ultra-fine wire. There is almost no scar. The ultra-fine wire used can be safely decomposed in the human body.
· Fast: After only 30 minutes, the effect can be seen after the operation, after which the collagen is proliferated, which can achieve the effects of enhancing skin elasticity and improving wrinkles.
· Painless: local anesthesia is painless and does not affect daily life. You can make up and go to work the next day.
· The lasting effect is long and can be maintained for 1-2 years.

Rhinoplasty with costal cartilage “court” integral stent

Project features: A diamond-like multi-faceted three-dimensional design, from the base of the nose to the tip of the nose, is considered as a whole, and the size, height, width of the nose, as well as the nose forehead angle, nasolabial angle, and nose protrusion are precisely set. Comprehensive use of prosthetic materials and autologous tissues such as ear cartilage, septal cartilage, costal cartilage, fascia, etc., in the long run, the effect is more stable and not deformed than the simple rhinoplasty. It is meticulously crafted between the square inches of the nose to design a personalized and three-dimensional nose shape suitable for beauty seekers.
Project Benefits
· Natural extraction: According to the needs of customers, choose between cost cartilage, ear cartilage or nasal septal cartilage. The extraction site is only slightly peeled to ensure the micro-damage of the sampling site, and the second is to ensure the maximum activity of the extracted cartilage.
· Natural processing: autologous implantation in the nasal cavity is in a free state. If the cavity is too large, it is easy to cause instability and skew of the bridge of the nose, etc., using fascia wrapping and suture technology to reduce the space of the cavity and the free space of cartilage, not only make the cartilage more stable , While making the cartilage fit the curve of the nose more.
· Natural implantation: using complex fine sutures, not just the surface, but in the invisible nasal cavity, the carved costal cartilage sheet and the nasal septal cartilage are cleverly combined, so that the supported nose can be shaped without a single The root suture can be very firm, the internal original ecology, the effect is naturally more realistic.

Photoelectric aging comprehensive anti-aging surgery

Program features:
Gathering international cutting-edge photoelectric equipment, integrated photoelectric skin anti-aging treatments such as heat lift, BTL, and magnetic carving wizard certified by the US FDA, directly reach the deep layer of the skin, stimulate the regeneration of skin collagen, improve skin elasticity and smoothness, delay aging, and Shape your youth. One stop to solve the problems of dry skin, sagging wrinkles, dull skin, pigmentation, large pores and so on, leaving the skin smooth and delicate, firm and elastic, just like a new birth.
Project Benefits
· One-to-one private customized 1+1>2 comprehensive skin management and treatment plan;
· One-stop skin management, deep repair, restore skin’s youthful motivation;
· It is safe and harmless, the effect is obvious, young and beautiful can be seen.
· Non-invasive treatment, short recovery period, long-lasting effect


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